Bärchenwurst – one of the creepiest things you can ever put on a sandwich

At the moment I’m into trying new foods that I find on the supermarket shelves here in Germany.  This week I decided to try Bärchenwurst which directly translates to Little Bear Sausage so let’s just keep calling it Bärchenwurst, it’s less disturbing that way.  Bärchenwurst is cold meat designed especially for kids and you can see why with its cute teddy bear shape.

Mortadella with pork and turkey meat.

As you can see, it looks kinda cute and it retains some of its cuteness when put on bread.

Eat Me!

Ok, it’s not all that cute, but you can see its appeal to children. However, when you add ketchup this sandwich becomes downright creepy.

It’s like serial killer sandwich meat.

How does this not traumatise children?? Obviously, German children are made of much heartier stuff than the rest of us – or they don’t add ketchup to their Bärchenwurst.

Despite its unbelievably creepy look, Bärchenwurst with ketchup is actually quite tasty and it makes for a delicious light Abendbrot. I recommend picking up a packet if you like to pretend your dinner is Dexter.

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  1. Kids who have grown up with Struwwelpeter stories at bedtime will not be fazed by murdered-bear sandwiches.

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