The Language Learning Tripod

Today whilst stumbling around on You Tube I discovered a series of videos on language learning by Lingosteve, a Canadian man who loves learning languages so much he founded LingQ, an online language learning site.

He has recently made three videos on what he terms the Language Learning Tripod – the three things you need to have to effectively learn a language.  They are Attitude, Time and Noticing (or paying attention).  Whilst I don’t agree with every single point he makes, overall I found these three videos extremely motivating and thought that those of you who are also in the midst of learning a language might also appreciate a boost in motivation.

I recommend watching Lingosteve’s other You Tube videos as they are extremely informative and cover a whole range of issues about language learning. They are certainly helping me feel less stupid and overwhelmed by the whole process.

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3 thoughts on “The Language Learning Tripod

  1. Language YouTube videos have introduced me to many great ways to learn languages. I’ve had the opportunity to watch some of Steve’s videos before, however not the ones you posted. Thanks for posting them :)

  2. I am very much inspired with the thoughts of Lingosteve,indeed! I made several attempts before to learn Spanish but that passion for learning is always is missing and for this reason I never got succeeded. Now, I am realizing this and take a determination that I will learn Spanish any how.

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