The Trick To Meeting Geeks

Since moving to Germany, my number of geek friends has gone from almost all of my friends down to almost nil.  Whilst I dearly treasure the friends I have made here, I miss having geek friends who watch the same geeky TV shows I do and are always up for seeing the latest geeky films. However, I had no idea how to meet fellow geeks here since the geek culture seems to be minimal here and that always present massive language barrier.

On the weekend, I went to see The Avengers at the local English language cinema.  Yes, I know I am behind the times but life has been hectic lately and it was only last weekend that I could find a screening time that fit into my schedule to go see it.  So, off I went by my lonesome to see a geeky film wearing an extremely geeky Doctor Who t-shirt – a t-shirt that no one in Germany seems to understand cause it seems like no one in this country watches Doctor Who.

My t-shirt. Isn’t it awesome?

Whilst waiting for the cinema to open a girl approached me and told me how much she loved Doctor Who, which of course turned into an extremely geeky conversation about the different Doctors and Companions and how surprised we were to meet a fellow Doctor Who fan in Germany.  The cinema opened and since we were sitting in different parts (me upstairs, her downstairs), we said our goodbyes.

I had just gotten to my seat, when she climbed up the railing and passed me a piece a paper containing her phone number and said, ‘Call me’.

And this folks is the trick to not only meeting fellow geeks but also getting their phone numbers – wear a geeky t-shirt to a geek film. If only someone had told me before now that it was that easy.

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12 thoughts on “The Trick To Meeting Geeks

    • It would be nice if it was, but since meeting fellow lesbians is harder than meeting fellow geeks, the probability I would meet a fellow lesbian geek is almost nil.

  1. I always try to gauge people’s reactions when I wear a geeky t-shirt around Regensburg. Every once in a while, I’ll catch someone in the “I get it!” moment. Last night I got a “what the frack is that?!” reaction.

    I completely sympathize, because I’ve found a lack of geeks here as well- There are a decent amount of other geeks here, but scattered widely. Even so, I felt like a loner at our showing of Avengers.

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