Saturday in the Park

I’ve just arrived home from my first ever German grill in the park, although it is debatable if one can call it a German grill as it was just me and two of my French classmates – a Franco-Germanic grill perhaps?

Anyhow, we did grill German-style, which involved buying a €2.50 one use only grill from the supermarket, some meat, salad, bread (alas they had run out of baguettes – this was a big deal) beer and cold drinks and adjourned to a local park I never knew existed (seriously I need to get out more) for an afternoon for eating, chatting and relaxing in the sun.

Being accustomed to the Aussie BBQ, the German grill took a little getting used to, but after seeing it in action, I’m a convert.  This thing is fantastic for a small gathering and as it is so cheap (€2.50) and you only use it once, it is perfect for a picnic lunch in the park. Here it is in action:

All it is is a foil tray, some charcoal and a cheap grill thing.  Why they don’t have these in Australia, I have no idea.

Anyway it was lovely to spend some time with my classmates, who are also incidentally my neighbours, outside of class, just chilling in the surprisingly hot German sun.  It did my psyche good.

Now, time to go and get ready to take part in another European custom – Eurovision.

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  1. I noticed those disposable barbecues in German shops for the first time this year. We’ve had them in the UK for a while – I remember using one for a BBQ in my 2nd year of uni.

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