Karma has a weird sense of humour

Almost two years ago I was in the best shape of my life. I was super fit, a healthy weight and even had muscles.  I mean, look at how super fit I was!

So whilst running around Cologne, where I was competing in Gay Games, in this super fit state,  I was highly amused to find a gym there called McFit.  The fact it was next to a McDonald’s was even more funny and I snapped this photo just so I could laugh at the juxapostion.

Almost two years on and I haven’t done any more martial arts since the Gay Games and my exercising has been sporadic at best. In fact my current activity level could best be described as sloth.

That’s perfectly fine for him, but not for me.

Little wonder that, thanks to the gorgeous German food and my sloth like behaviour, I have put weight on and gone from super fit to super unfit, a situation that needs reversing. And this is where karma comes in with her weird sense of humour, the closest gym near me is… you guess it, McFit!  It is also the cheapest at only €16.90 a month whereas Fitness First wanted to charge me €70 a month.

So yesterday, I went to McFit for my introductory training session to show me how to use all the equipment and to come up with a workout plan to help me shed this weight. I was mighty proud of myself that I could do the training session all in German with only one or two things that I needed translated.

Today, was my first full-on session – cardio plus weights.  If this training program doesn’t kill me, I am going to be back in super fit shape by mid-summer with any luck.  Now all I need to do is repress my inner sloth and keep up the momentum without regressing back to the couch. I also need to get over the fact that my gym is called McFit, thanks Karma.

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