Exploring My Neighbourhood

One of the things I haven’t done enough of is exploring the city I now call home.  I moved here and then got caught up in daily life and really haven’t played tourist.  Since today was a rare sunny day and I had nothing at all planned given it is the Easter long weekend, I decided to explore my neighbourhood.

My neighbourhood contains the Hagenbeck Tierpark – the local city zoo which is a mere 20 mins walk from my house and which I’ve walked past many times but never actually visited.  However, today was not going to be the day for that given that half of Hamburg seemed to be lined up outside.  No, today I was going to explore the large park and surrounding area just next to the zoo.


Covered in gorgeous flowers

What I didn’t expect to find on the top of a hill in the park was this.

An abandoned house

This place is kinda creepy. However, now I really want to go back at night and tell ghost stories there. Who's in?

After wandering around the park I decided to find out what lay down the road leading away from it.  What I found was not what I expected to find in the middle of suburbia.

This was in someone's backyard.

The local neighbourhood beyond the park

This house was across the road from a U-Bahn station which I was also surprised to find out there.

I then got hopelessly lost.  Found an off-leash dog park.  Got lots of doggie snugglies and came to the realisation that I simply can not speak German to dogs.  Dogs must be spoken to in English much to the surprise of their owners (the dogs didn’t seem to mind).  I remained lost for a good long while until I found the zoo again.

I then decided to take a different way home.  During which I stumbled upon a circus, as one does.

The circus!

Then to prove to myself that I really need to get out more.  I discovered this at the end of my street.

The local mosque

That’s right, the street I have lived on for just over a year has a large mosque at the end of it which I have failed to notice.  In my defence, my street is long and is a weird dog leg shape so you can’t see the other end of it from my end, but still, embarrassing to say the least.

It was an extremely pleasant way to spend 2.5 hours on a sunny Easter Sunday and something I really must do more of as the weather improves.  This city has proven once again that it really does contain many surprises.

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14 thoughts on “Exploring My Neighbourhood

  1. During which I stumbled upon a circus, as one does.

    I giggled!

    This is exactly the kind of impetus I need to take advantage of my own sunny Easter morning. I would love to find a surprise mosque had sprouted up over the winter.

    • How I wish the mosque had sprouted up over the winter, that would make me feel far less embarrassed about my lack of knowledge of my own neighbourhood. Good luck with your sunny Easter morning exploration.

    • I wondered if it was an Orthodox Russian church but Google maps lists it as a mosque. It’s quite possible that Google has got it wrong, but still whatever it is, it is still highly embarrassing I didn’t know what was at the end of my street.

      • Check it out this weekend – its the Orthodox Easter. I used to cycle past it regularly. Its St Procopius. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover it as well :)

  2. Yes, exploring the neighbourhood can be quite interesting and exciting. Even when you have lived in the same place for a long time, you may find something new or “undiscovered”.

  3. I totally love this post – great photos, and love the story. Especially the bit about the dogs… I can’t talk to animals in anything other than English either. Funnily enough though, my brother – who lives in Belgium – has an Italian dog, and he only speaks to it in Italian.

  4. You seriously live here? How have I not come to visit yet? What an incredibly enchanting place, down to the circus and abandoned house… Lovely photographs.

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