Painted Eggs

One of the things I love about Germany is how uncommerical their holidays feel compared to Australia/US/UK.  Take Easter, for instance, yes, you can still buy Easter eggs, but their presence is limited, usually, to one small stand in the supermarket, not a whole aisle of brightly coloured boxes. As much emphasis is placed on the more traditional expressions of Easter as the more modern ones.  One of these more traditional expressions is painted eggs.

Last year, in my naivety, seeing painted eggs decorating stores, offices and homes I thought Germany was a nation of expert egg painters.  This year I discovered that they sell pre-cooked painted eggs at the supermarket.  Still they are absolutely gorgeous.

Cooked eggs, which means you can eat them after Easter is over.

Just look at those gorgeous colours.

Proudly on display in a bowl on my coffee table.

This is just for Magnetoboldtoo.  Behold, the German Easter Egg Tree!

It is an institution in Germany. I have no explanation for the garden decorations though.

If anyone laughs at your Easter Egg tree, you tell them that you are following the proud German tradition of decorating your trees with painted eggs.

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    • I had a similar reaction the first time I saw one. I’ve got to admit they have really grown on me though. I love them now.

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