Berlin or Münster: It’s Time to Choose

That is if you are a English speaking blogger who lives in Germany.

It’s fast approaching time once again for WEBMU – Whiny Expat Blogger Meet Up.  This is an annual event where the English speaking German blogger community gets together for a weekend of fun, sightseeing and partying in a different German city each year.

Don’t worry if you don’t know any of us.  I went to my first WEBMU last year having only chatted to some of the folks online and never having met a single person face to face.  I had an incredible time.  Everyone there was so lovely and welcoming and after a few hours it was like I was in a room full of old friends.

If you are interested in joining in the madness, head over the discussion boards, sign up and let us know where you would like to spend this year’s WEBMU – Berlin or Münster.

Come on, I know you are all dying to have a chance to hang out with me (only kidding!).

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