Das Löffel Ei (The Spoon Egg)

With Easter fast approaching, the shelves of my local supermarket are packed with easter eggs.  Most of them are very similar to the ones back in Australia, but I found a very unique one lurking on the shelves – Das Löffel Ei (the Spoon Egg).

It is packaged just like the regular eggs are here (eggs are sold in packs of 4 or 10) but in Milka’s distinct purple colour. You can get ones with Milk cream or with Chocolate cream filling.  I decided to try out the chocolate cream ones.

Just look at this gorgeous packaging.

All ready to be eaten.  Of course one must eat a Löffel Ei from an egg cup.

If you do try one, be prepared to be sent into diabetic shock.  Oh dear gods, it is sweet.  Absolutely delicious but unbelievably sweet.  I’m still making my way slowly through mine as I need to take a break after two or three spoonfuls to recover from the sugar rush. Somehow I think these are marketed more towards kids who can handle the intense sweetness.

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8 thoughts on “Das Löffel Ei (The Spoon Egg)

    • Let me know if you can find Das Löffel Ei in a foreign food store as I’d be interested if they are popular outside of Germany.

  1. thanks for sharing! We tried the non-chocolate version last year. It tasted like really good frosting…tasty but super sweet. I had been wondering how the chocolate ones tasted

  2. I saw Spoon Eggs in a supermarket just the other day in Canberra. For $10 for the four-pack they’re not exactly the cheapest Easter chocolate, but they’re definitely here.

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