Results of My A2 Prüfung

Hidayah's Exam Result

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Since you all put up with my complaining, bitching, whining and massive panic attacks, especially you poor folks that follow me on Twitter, I thought it only fair that I post the results of my A2 Prüfung.

Our A2 Prüfung had 5 parts – Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening and Dictation plus a mark for how well our teacher judged that we speak in class.  Our school has a 1-4 grade plus n.b which is essentially a fail.  1 is the top mark with 4 meaning that you just barely passed.

So my results were

Grammar – 2

Reading – 2

Writing – 1

Listening  – 1

Dictation – 3

Speaking in class – 3

With my overall result being a 2-.

The things that really dragged me down were the things I expected – speaking and dictation. I’m surprised that listening wasn’t also on that list given I’m dreadful at it.  I just lucked out that the answers were logical and didn’t really depend on actually understanding the spoken dialogue.

This Prüfung was a real wake-up call, even though I passed.  I can’t just drift through my course doing the bare minimum.  I need to start putting consistent effort and work into my German learning, not small panicked bursts. I developed some strategies for doing this whilst studying for my exams.  Now I just have to actually do them. That’s the hard part.  If you all wouldn’t mind given me a poke now and then to make sure I don’t slacken off that will be appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “Results of My A2 Prüfung

  1. I say well done…and congrats! While it is, of course, important to pass, the actual grade is not the important thing. Seriously, how many of us just have horrible test anxiety? That can certainly bring down a score. Anyway, I think you’re doing great, and I will make sure to bother you every now and again. ;)

  2. a bit of ‘bothering’: Deutsch Diktate sind wirklich schwer (auch für Deutsche). 2- klingt doch super: Herzlichen Glückwunsch und mach weiter so!

  3. Well done! As an expat living in Germany & trying to learn German, your level of expertise is something I can only dream of at this point. Seriously – kudos. This is no easy feat.

    • I think learning German is one of the most challenging things I have tried to do, however, I refuse to be defeated by it. Just keep chipping away it, that is the best thing I can recommend.

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