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Truth lies

Truth lies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s prompt:

Talk about a time when you got away with it.

It was 1990.  I was 15. My friends and I had discovered alcohol the previous year.  Just small amounts smuggled into parties, nothing major.  But tonight, tonight we planned a night on the town.  The plan was so complex that it was sure to fail. You see, we were all going to lie to our parents about where we were going. There was only one flaw, a major one, to our plan and that is that all of our parents knew each other and had done so since we were 7 and that most of them were going to be working in canteen or costuming that night.  They were sure to talk to each other.

I had my lie all sorted out.  I was going to a friend’s place out in the country where I had been for a party (an authorised one) the month before.  AC was going to drive me there.  She was 17 and my parents trusted her. AC wasn’t joining us, but was happy to help me ‘sneak out’.  My parents brought the lie, but I was still on edge cause my mother was working in the canteen that night and she was sure to uncover my falsehood.

All during the performance, we were on edge.  Had the parents worked it out yet? None of our cover stories matched, how could they possibly not have realised this? Yet when it came time to leave, no one’s parents said anything.  All my mother did was to tell AC and I to have fun. We all assembled outside the theatre buzzing in excited that we got away with it.  AC kissed me on the cheek and told me to be careful.  Her way of looking out for me.

I wish the night itself was as exciting as actually getting away with the lie.  We went into town, got drunk, people fought, we went out into the suburbs, walked around some and when the night turned cold, stole some clothes out of a clothing bin and fell asleep in a skating bowl behind the local supermarket. The next morning, we brought a loaf of freshly baked bread, it was the best thing I had ever tasted.

It wasn’t the first time I lied to my parents about my whereabouts and it certainly wasn’t the last, but it was most certainly the most elaborate and the one most destined to fail.  Now when I look back on it, I wonder if the parents knew and simply chose to let us have our night of fun.

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4 thoughts on “A Night on the Town #scintilla

    • I think you might be right. However, we didn’t learn a lesson from the torture of not knowing. We thought we were criminal masterminds.

  1. I’m with Laura on this one; sometimes our parents just let us get away with things because:

    a. they think it might teach us a lesson
    b. they realise it’s really harmless
    c. they want to laugh at us when it goes horribly wrong

    I like 15 year-old you.

    • 15 year old me really wanted to be cool, but she wasn’t really.

      I’m not sure that going out and getting drunk on the streets can be classed as harmless though. We were lucky that nothing bad happened and that some of us stayed more sober to look out for those that weren’t.

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