Growing Up Is Optional #scintilla

Today’s prompt is:

When did you realise you were a grown up? What did this mean for you? Shock to the system? Mourning of halcyon younger days? Or the embracing of the knowledge that you can do all the cool stuff adults do: drink wine, go on parent-free vacations, eat chocolate without reprimand?

I’m going to take a different approach to this prompt as I don’t see myself as grown up. Yes, I do all those things normally attributed to grown ups; I live by myself thousands of miles away from my family, I work, I pay the bills, I budget, I clean my apartment and I remember to take the trash out.  However, I’m not a grown up. I’m just responsible in some areas of my life.

When I think of a grown up I don’t see myself.  Grown ups are responsible not only for themselves but for others as well, they are reliable, they are knowledgeable and they seem to have things worked out.  They don’t move half way across the world on a month’s notice. They don’t dance around their apartment for no reason at all. They don’t hug their favourite books and they definitely don’t get giddy cause their favourite TV show is coming back soon.

My core self is still very much a child.  A child who is known to bounce up and down when she’s excited by something. A child who thinks that chocolate solves all of life’s problems.  A child who is intensely curious about the world. A child who believes very deep down that magic just might be real.

Perhaps being a grown up is not all about responsibility and seriousness, but keeping that child inside alive even when society tells you it’s time to put childish things away.

Growing up is optional.


15 thoughts on “Growing Up Is Optional #scintilla

  1. Love this, very well said. I was thinking about how I will answer this prompt myself today and came to a very similar conclusion. I think you say it best when you say that an adult wouldn’t pack up and move across the world with a month’s notice…haha…if that’s the case, I think we’re having more fun being “not quite adults!”

  2. Chocolate DOES solve all of life’s problems… doesn’t it? Still works for me! Lovely to meet you through Scintilla, Meg. :)

  3. “A child who believes very deep down that magic just might be real.” – ditto, sister. And these are parts of myself that i hope never to lose. They are the things that in the end, keep us young.

  4. I don’t know, I moved across the country on a month’s notice and followed that by a half-way around the world move 6 weeks later. 18 months after that and I’m in yet another country. If this constant moving on a moments notice means that I’m not grown up, then I’m never letting my husband quit the military. ;)

    Seriously though, as I am capable of being anyway, beautifully written and expressed. I believe that the “adults” of our generation long to keep the spontaneity of our youth. I hope that we do because I believe it is this childlike wonder and acceptance that we can use to change the world for the better.

  5. I’m still waiting for it to happen…

    All joking aside I think I realized a few years ago when my mother got quite sick. She’s fine now but it made me realize that they won’t be around for ever and I have to become an adult… I’ll still always be a kid at heart though :p

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