Your Moment of WTF – Danse Gooshers

I have no words for the horror I’m about to unleash on you so I’m just going to copy the description on YouTube.

Kids answer questions on this German TV show while dancers interpret their responses. Super fun! Subtitled in English.

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5 thoughts on “Your Moment of WTF – Danse Gooshers

  1. That was really very strange. Its um… yeah. Wow. Thanks for sharing… I wonder what we’d have on tv in Australia that would make people react this way?

  2. I’m not sure what that was but I highly doubt it’s truly German. The kids have accents like they’re Russian or Polish – something eastern European – and the moderator has what sounds like a Dutch accent. It’s like some sort of parody of kids shows.

    • Given that the whole thing looks like a product placement, I doubt that it’s a real TV show, but that doesn’t make it any less weird.

      • Like the video description say: “As seen on Conan O’Brien”.

        Even if the description didn’t give it away, two things would:
        1) The Accents are weird. Sounds like someone memorized words from phonetic spelling. The intonation is especially of.
        2) The dancing. Everytime you see people doing weird “interpretive dance” in a spandex, a huge blinking sign pop up that says “American TV show parodying Gemrans”. (See Sprockets, for example)

  3. OMG are those kids getting therapy after being subjected to those rather odd dancers LOL. :) Just love the white long socks.

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