A Reprieve – Kinda

19/366 The Night Circus

19/366 The Night Circus (Photo credit: clogsilk)

So you know how I was all freaking out about my German test that was scheduled for next week, well, I’ve been given a reprieve – kinda. My German teacher, for some reason, is away until next Thursday, so we have been given one extra week’s preparation time.  This does mean I will be studying on my birthday (boo hiss!) but having an extra week in which to prepare has dropped my stress levels dramatically.

That said I’m starting to feel good about what I have been able to accomplish so far in terms of preparation, but an extra week will really solidify it. I still feel shaky on my writing skills though as we won’t be allowed a dictionary which I really rely on to get my word choices right.  I’m hoping we will get told the theme and the writing type (letter, short story etc) so we have some time to think about what we need to produce in the exam.

In preparation for the exam, tonight’s homework is to write a short blurb about our favourite book. I’ve just finished reading The Night Circus which I loved, but have had no time to write a book review about.  So here is one, although it is more of a blurb and less of a review, in German.

Der erste Roman von Autorin Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus ist eine neunzehnten Jahrhundert Geschichte uber das tödliche Spiel zwischen zwei großer Zauberer und ihr zwei Studenten. The Night Circus hat, als ein fantastisch und mysteriös final Schlachtfeld zwischen die zwei Studenten, gebaut. Aber dieses tödliche Spiel ist nicht langer zwischen die zwei Studenten, es beteiligt jetzt das Leben der viele Leute.

All bad word choices, wrong cases and hideous grammar are mine.

I think, despite all my mistakes, that I’m slowly starting to get better at writing in German.  This blurb was kinda fun to write.

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    • Don’t stress, I have a terrible memory for people’s birthdays, if it isn’t written in my calendar, I completely forget. Mine is on the 3rd March.

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