Time to Panic

With the mad dash to London the week before last and the play all of last week, learning German has taken a back seat.  I’ve missed three classes in a row, I haven’t read any of my kids books and I’ve stopped reading the paper and listening to my German dialogue CDs.  Last night, I went to my first German class in 2 weeks and it was announced that our A2 test would be the week after next.  Cue me panicking!

I am totally unprepared for this.  Completely and utterly unprepared.  I have felt all through the A2 class that I’m just not keeping up, but thought with my new learn German routine I might be able to pull it all together to pass my test. However, I’m not sure I can pull it all together in just 2 weeks. I’m missing Thursday’s class to do the second week of the play and with it goes all my nights and all my free time until Sunday. I simply feel I don’t have enough time to get myself up to the level I need to be at to pass this test.

So, this is me having a little meltdown. Feel free to ignore the hysterics.

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3 thoughts on “Time to Panic

  1. So what if you fail the test?

    The world won’t crumble; you’ll just redo the course.

    You’re in the course to learn the language, not to write a test that tells you that you passed.

    A certificate that says you have a certain level, even if you don’t (because you crammed all the knowledge into you in just two weeks and will lose it as easily) is a certificate that lies. To you, above all others.

    If you missed half or a third (just a guess) of the classes, maybe it’s best to actually redo the course. Even if it hurts both your wallet and your pride.
    Advancing a level when you’re not really ready may even do worse things to your self-esteem, because it may be even harder to keep up, and will make you feel even more stressed.

    That said, I of course have no idea how “ready” you actually are. This is for you to decide.
    Just be honest with yourself.

    • Very true, failing this test will just result in 6 months of ‘lost’ time, a blow to my wallet and a battering of my pride, but nothing else.
      I have actually only missed about 5 lessons in the 6 months, so I’m not one of those students who have never bothered to turn up but still expects to pass.
      I just don’t feel prepared, but then again I didn’t feel prepared for the A1 test and I aced that one.
      Perhaps it more about the anxiety of not feeling prepared rather than a lack of knowledge, but I won’t know until I actually sit down and do the test.
      Thanks for the good wishes :)

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