Bilingual Technical Rehearsal

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Last night was our technical rehearsal for the play ‘Beyond Therapy’ for which I’m doing sound production. At the technical rehearsal, we had to set up the entire sound system from speakers to mixing boards.  It took four hours and involved climbing up and down multiple ladders.  Whilst wrapping my head around how much sound production technology has changed in the past 20 years, I also had to wrap my head around all the German names for everything as naturally in a German theatre all the signs are in German.  I’m now making friends with words like Saalbeleuchtung and Steuerung (although no one seems to know what the Steuerung button does).

What I also found wonderful and somewhat terrifying is how everyone around me was switching between German and English as the make-up of our crew is both Germans and expats.  I think I’m one of the very few people who do not speak both languages fluently as I’m the only ‘expat’ who hasn’t been living in Germany for at least 10 years or was fluent in German before moving here. I was able to follow parts of the German directions, thanks mainly by knowing the German word for curtain (Vorhange), so that felt pretty good.  However, I think this production, which is in English, might have the unforeseen side-effect of helping improve my German.

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