Problems in Old London Town

Last week from Wednesday to Saturday saw me in London visiting my UK office to deal with some problems there.  The work portion of my London trip went well, but everything around it didn’t.

The problems started with me getting airsick for the first time ever on the flight to London.  It was a rather unpleasant flight further heightened by the fact that the drinkable water tank on our plane froze overnight and they could not defrost it, therefore all hot drinks were unavailable as was the water in the toilets.

Then I went to check into my hotel and was told that they might not have a room for me due to renovations, but they would know for sure later on that afternoon.  When I went back to the hotel, it turned out they did not have a room and I would have a trek across London to a different hotel for the night and return the next day to check in.  The hotel I ended up staying in was quite nice, but room service, ordered due to my extreme tiredness, took over a hour to turn up and I flooded the bathroom whilst showering.

The next evening when I went to check into my original hotel, there was actually a room and they offered me an upgrade to apologise for the inconvenience of having to change hotels for the night. However, the offer of an upgrade was followed up with ‘but it will cost you £20 extra a night, but that is our cheap rate’.  I’m sorry, but offering an upgrade you have to pay for is not an apology, it’s an upsell. The room I ended up getting was extremely small to the point where you needed to open the bathroom door to have enough room to dry yourself off after a shower.

I ran late to everywhere I needed to be and I didn’t have enough time to go shopping for my beloved hot cross buns. However, not everything was bad.  I managed to find time to have a gorgeous sushi dinner with my long-time friend Sarah and I had porridge every morning for breakfast (oh porridge, I do miss you).  Also I had Mexican, twice! and a meat pie, mash potato and gravy for lunch one day.  Oh yes, it’s all about the food.

Not the most attractive photo but it was so delicious

Also, I saw this sign and it made me laugh, which was exactly what I needed after the crap I went through.

I’m hoping my next trip to London will be less full of bad luck and work and more full of awesomeness and fun times.

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6 thoughts on “Problems in Old London Town

  1. Me too! Yay for pie and sushi but I’m sorry you had such a shit hotel. At least you got out before Snow Chaos – we have no idea how to cope with the white stuff. Well, that or any other kind of weather, come to think of it.

    p.s. I’ve been making myself porridge every morning this last week… yum. Get yourself down to Rewe for some Haferflocken!

    • I’ve been looking for some Haferflocken at my local Rewe but can’t find any. I wonder if the Edeka near my work has some as it is the perfect breakfast for these cold mornings. However, I just loved being able to get some from Pret-a-Manger on my way to work. It was pure bliss.

  2. As someone who eats haferflocken almost every morning (I detest cereal and eggs are too fussy)… :) The haferflocken can be hard to find sometimes in the smaller German grocery stores. Look next to the Musli on the bottom shelf and by all means make sure you get the kernige-not the zart!!! (zart is instant oatmeal-yuk)

    Also, Mexican in London-really?

    GREAT SIGN!!!! LOL!!!

  3. I’m nearly always eating Mexican here, and Chinese. There are two restaurants I go to with the German, and a couple of his friends. (Always reliable and very spicy!)
    I eat muesli in the morning most of the time, or bread! Love this bread! Haven’t even thought about porridge for so long… now I want some.

    I miss Asian food, good Asian food. you know when the flavour is really clean and crisp… and tasty. Really good thai or something.

    That bs that the hotel tried to pull on you was unbelievable! Omg! Are hotels very expensive over there? The German is obsessed with London and the brits… not my cup of tea really.

    • London is an incredibly expensive city to stay in. I love London, but I don’t think it is somewhere I could live, therefore, it’s a good thing it’s only 1.5 hours away from Hamburg so I can visit often.

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