First Dream in German

I’ve been dreaming in German for quite a while now but all those dreams have been rehashing the grammar rules I’ve learnt that day or conjugating verbs.  Basically my subconscious trying to make sense of everything I’m learning and consolidating it. However, last night I had my very first dream in German where both I and the other person in the dream were speaking in German. I don’t remember an awful lot about the dream but I was walking up some stairs chatting to the person next to me and what I remember is that even in my dream I didn’t understand every single word that they were saying, but I understood enough to be able to make some kind of reply. It was interesting to see my dream life resembled reality, although it would have been much more cooler if I had been completely fluent in German in my dream world.

I’ve been told that when you start dreaming in another language is when you finally make some kind of breakthrough. I hope this is correct.  For those of you who are conversational/fluent in another language, at what point did you start dreaming in that language? And do you think that it had any relation to what stage of learning that language you were up to?

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4 thoughts on “First Dream in German

  1. Congrat ! I’ve heard the same thing – dreaming in another language is a breakthrough, a new stage in the learning of a foreign language. I usually don’t remember my dreams :(, so I cannot really tell you – but I’d stay the first time I thought wow I am getting fluent at this language is when I realized that I couldn’t tell in which language I talk to myself – you know this stream of consciousness you permanently have – when you cannot decipher if it’s English or German, and when you actually think about it – the first stage is probably a mix of both and then the language that’s not your native one, but because of your environment you switch to this new one.
    So it’s not an exact answer to your question but this internal dialogue is close to unconsciousness (close to dreaming), so I thought I should share…Just realize that now you’ll think I’m a complete freak because I talk to myself LOL.

    • No, I don’t think you are a freak because I talk to myself too and there are now situations where I will talk to myself in German or that the word that first comes to mind will be the German one.

  2. I think the dreaming in another language is definitely a breakthrough, although I am not sure it really has to do with your level of your grasp of the language…. I started learning English in 5th grade and then went on to study it at university. I’d like to claim that my grasp of the English language was very good at the time, but I didn’t start dreaming in English until I moved to the US and had to use the language actively every single day!

    And then Marie is right, when you start not “translating” back and forth between the language you’re learning and your native language, but think in a foreign language (or don’t consciously know which language your thinking in) – that’s when a breakthrough is reached in your head. I doubt that that happens unless you live in a foreign country though.

  3. I started dreaming in German right away in college when I was taking German. It was terrifying! In the dream we were all quite fluent and talking away, but my waking self couldn’t understand a word I or anyone else was saying! And we all talked so fast!

    They really were nightmares. Except for the drinking songs.

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