Being Overseas on Australia Day

Flag of Australia

I’m probably one of the least patriotic people around, but even I find it hard to be overseas on Australia Day.  Australia Day is usually spent having a BBQ with friends or perhaps a picnic and then lying lazily in the shade with a drink in hand listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100 and arguing about which song came in at number 1.

It feels very strange for Australia Day to be just another day and to have to head to work on a chilly winter’s morning. Actually it feels wrong.  It is times like this when I really feel like a stranger in a strange land and I miss my friends more than ever. My celebratory Vegemite on toast just doesn’t seem like enough.

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5 thoughts on “Being Overseas on Australia Day

  1. Happy Australia Day! I found your blog on expat blog. Yes, I know how you feel. When I read that my mates are having a great day in Oz, but they also don’t have as many public holidays as Germany, so this is how I cope ;)
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  2. hey I hear ya. I’m not into flag stuff either.. but somehow I miss the “culture” on this day. Makes you realise how important small things like a particular sense of humour are. Anyway I hope you have a good day. Open a beer and think of the sun and surf! – cheers.. from another aussie in Hamburg

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