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I’m looking for recommendations of new authors and new books to read since I’ve exhausted my merger library and want to take advantage of the cheap book prices here to discover some new authors.

You can take a look at the my Goodreads profile to get an idea of the type of books I like, but mainly I’m into sci-fi/fantasy with a leaning towards books which describe an alternate reality like Snow Crash and The Hunger Games or books that have a new twist on fairytales like Spindle’s End or books which delve into high fantasy like Game of Thrones and the Paknessarion trilogy. The only thing I demand is that the books have strong female characters.  If it is only the boys off having fun, then I’m not interested.

Can anyone recommend anything that falls within these categories?  All my favourite authors aren’t releasing their new books until March so I have a month of reading to fill up.

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  1. 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami may be something your style. Sci-fi alternate workd with a strong female character. And at around 950 pages, give or take, it should last you more than a few days.

  2. Please have a read of Out by one of my favourite authors, Natsuo Kirino. It isn’t in the genre that you have mentioned but when it comes to strong female leads, this is a sterling example.

  3. Try the books by Richard Schwartz – only in german available – but I think the german is not that difficult. The male narrator meets many strong woman. The first part of the story extends over 6 books – the second part is in progress. Try the first volume (the story is self-contained)- it starts like a kind of “And then there were none” by agatha christie in a solitary tavern.
    My second suggestion is an old series by Jennifer Roberson – The Novels of Tiger and Del. Again a male narrator with a powerful female counterpart.
    And when that’s not enough – David Weber has written a series about a female space commander named Honor Harrington (a tribute to Horation Hornblower), currently 25 volumes. Have fun.

    • I wish I was up to reading books in German, but alas, I’m not unless they are written for 6 year olds with only a couple of sentences on the page. However, one day, I will be at that stage and I will definitely check out Schwartz.

  4. you could try “the night circus” – It’s an easy read, strong female character. it’s not fabulous but it will while away a few hours

  5. Damn that Pratchett. Sometimes I wonder if he could really be just one person, what with the way he pumps out books.

    My first instinct is to recommend Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, but somehow I can’t fathom that you haven’t already read it (The Golden Compass and etc). Female lead, critical of religion, really really great.

    Then I have to think of Ursula Le Guin, who is one of my favorite authors of all time, in and outside of sci fi. Particularly Left Hand of Darkness, which revolves around gender perception and issues, but with a neat sci fi lens. If you haven’t read that one already I’d recommend running to the bookstore post haste to get your hands on it. I haven’t read it in a while now, but from what I remember of it and from what your post and your good reads have just told me about your taste, I think it could be a really good match for you.

    I also am in love with Philip K Dick for his crazy twisted endings, but he doesn’t tend to have strong female leads, or really many strong females at all. Too bad though. There’s another prolific one.

    I just finished (re)reading Neuromancer myself, but I’m not sure I really like Gibson or his whole cyber punk universe. It’s interesting enough, style-wise, but it’s all very tough-guy macho all the time, with people acting like they’re movie heroes and not people.

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