Herzlich Willkommen!

Welcome to Geek Mädel, especially to those of you who have followed me from my previous blog, thanks so much for coming.

This blog will chronicle my attempts to integrate into German life and to become fluent in German as well as touching on geek culture, feminist and queer issues and anything else that is on my mind.  It will be a total mish-mash of topics that interest me as I learnt long ago that I simply can’t stick to a single topic.

I want to say a special thank you to Honourable Husband who helped me come up with the name Geek Mädel.  It is such a better name than my original concept, Geek Frau as I’m definitely more of a Mädel than a Frau despite my advanced age.

If you find any bugs or anything that doesn’t look right, please let me know as I’m still ironing out all the creases and I’m sure a few will pop up now that this blog has gone live.

Enjoy and make yourselves at home!


14 thoughts on “Herzlich Willkommen!

    • Thanks, although the wonderful Honourable Husband is responsible for the name. If it was left up to me, the name would have been less than stellar.

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog and I like it a lot !!! It is really interesting – I just found out that I am moving to Hamburg and I definitely need to learn German like real fast !!! I haven’t been able to read it all from the start but I’m so doing it !!

    • Thanks for visiting! When do you arrive in Hamburg? You are going to love it here, it’s such a gorgeous city. If you have any questions about Hamburg, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      • I am moving to Hamburg toward the end of March, I am hoping I am going to love it too !!! I have like a million questions lol – right now I am freaking out a bit because I have talked to some people at my new job who are telling me it’s really hard to find an accommodation in Hamburg ! And since my German is not great when I go to the websites to find an apartment, I don’t understand a thing LOL – well I try to calm down though because I’ve been through worst situation before and it always ended up ok – anyway if you have any tips or recommendations I’d love to hear about it regarding the accommodation situation – I am probably looking at sharing a place since I don’t really wanna spend more than 500-600 euros and probably looking around Altona subway station I believe since I am going to work in Finkenwerder

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