Improve Your German with a Web Series

As you know I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my German, especially my ability to understand spoken German.

The website Young Germany has a section that is full of great resources to help improve your German. One of these is a web series called Jojo sucht das Glück. The language used in this webseries I would class as upper A2 – B1, but it has subtitles which makes it accessible to people who are able to read German far better than they can understand it, like me.  The story is a little formulaic and the acting is at best quite wooden, but it is a fun way to pick up new words and practice your listening skills if only for the amusement value of all the bad luck the main character Jojo has.  Each episode is only 3 minutes long, so you can watch a couple of episodes during your lunch break or whenever you have a couple of minutes spare.

If you are aware of any other web series created for beginner/intermediate speakers of German, please let me know and I will add them to this post.  It would be great to create a list of fun resources.

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6 thoughts on “Improve Your German with a Web Series

  1. Oh, sweet! I’m one of the editors behind that site (YG), and it’s really nice to hear that someone is benefiting from the resources we’ve got on there. Wooden acting and all. :) If you ever wanted to write a guest post for our blog to rake in some more clicks for your blog, let me know…

    • I didn’t know you worked on YG, it’s a great site! Is there an Old Germany for those of us who really can’t be classed as young any more? Or perhaps a Middle Aged Germany? :)

  2. Wow that is awesome :). I have been on the Deutsche Welle page numerous times but I find it quite hard to navigate there… dunno… maybe I am just too stupid. Anyway, I am going to recommend this telenovela.
    I found something similar on youtube…

    they interview normal people in the streets there to a certain topic. In the beginning it is just “hello” “goodbye” and all that and later they will talk about some real question. They give a transcription in German and for the more advanced vids even in English, so you might wanne have a look at it…

    cheers Emanuel

    • Thanks so much for the You Tube link, it looks awesome. I’ll have to dive into it when I have the time, but it’s safely bookmarked with all my other German resources.

      I agree that the DW can be quite hard to navigate and find all the resources they have. I feel they really need to improve their user interface to make it easier.

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