Photogasm: Aussie Animals

When I was in Newcastle visiting my parents, my dad and I went to the Blackbutt Nature Reserve so that we could get in some practice photographing animals. They are tough things to photograph, but I think I got some good ones.

A koala doing what koalas do best - sleeping

A Goanna. These lizards can get up to 2m long & they are aggressive

I wish I paid attention to the label on the cage, but I didn't so this guy will just have to be known as a Aussie owl

One of my favourite Aussie birds - the Galah

Two Galahs snuggling. Just so cute

I took the photo just as this little duckling fell over

What are you looking at Mr Emu?


4 thoughts on “Photogasm: Aussie Animals

  1. Love the snuggling Galahs….looks like the one on the left is really enjoying things! And I have to say I am very much like a 10 year old boy and laughed out loud at the name “Blackbutt”. I know it’s insanely immature but I just couldn’t help myself. :)

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