Boy, oh Boy

I love it when I discover new music and I love it even more when I discover new German music which increases the chances exponentially that I can see the artist/s perform live at some time during my life.

Boy is a female singer/songwriter duo hailing from Zurich and my new hometown of Hamburg.  Their music is a cross between Feist and Alanis Morrisette but manages to create a sound that is purely their own. It is unashamedly pop and it seems to reveals in this, but it is the perfect musical pick-me-up during a long tough workday.

They are currently touring throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria and I’m really hoping to get a ticket to their February Hamburg concert as there previous two concerts here sold out really quickly.

Here is their latest single Waitress which despite its upbeat tone is actually a really sad song.

And their first single Little Numbers which is perfect for that mid-workday pick me up.