The First Month of the Fluent in 3 Months Challenge

To sum it up succinctly, it has been a failure.

Yes, I’m speaking more German at the office, but that is about it.  All my other grand plans have fallen by the wayside.  The main reason for that is that I’ve barely spent any time in Hamburg this month.  I’ve seemed to have spent the whole of October taking long weekends away to places where I only speak English.

However, this is just an excuse as is the excuse that I’ve been absolutely exhausted for most of the month and therefore didn’t have the mental energy to do my Anki cards every day and read German books and watch German TV.  All just excuses.

But now it is a new month and a good time to get re-committed and re-focused.  Hopefully the second month of my challenge will be more successful than the first.



12 thoughts on “The First Month of the Fluent in 3 Months Challenge

  1. Excuses maybe, but good ones!! And they were a LOT of plans you made that would be a lot to keep up with. I think spending the whole day speaking German at work is exhausting enough… I’m totally impressed. Keep going!!

    • Thanks. :) However, I feel if I don’t push myself, I will get lazy and my German will never improve. Therefore, all the grand plans. If can do half of them, then I’ll have achieved something.

      • I know how you feel. I am totally embarrassed about how much of my German I have lost since I finished classes in August and am trying really hard to work at mine as well. I think I’ve got some good plans in place but I really wish I had more opportunity to speak German in the day. We shall soldier on ;)

        • It’s really true that if you don’t use it, you lose it. What plans do you have in place? I’m really interested in how other people improve their German.

        • Well, since it’s the speaking I need most practice with but have the least opportunity on a day to day basis to do, B and I came up with this BRILLIANT idea last week that I read an article from the Spiegel in the day and when he gets home in the evening, we discuss it over dinner. We are quite pleased with that idea :) Aside from that I am just trying to be disciplined about going back over all the grammar I’ve learned and I also have a pile of German books to read – from children’s books to a graphic novel (The Watchmen) to Thomas Mann. I think it’ll take me a while to get onto Thomas Mann ;)

  2. I agree with both Frau D. and Genevieve – you have much to be proud of. Hamburg wasn’t built in a day, or even 3 months. Langsam aber sicher. Immer mit der Ruhe. Du schaffst das.

  3. As everyone said – you’re doing great and as long as the excuses were good ones you can just pick up now where you left off. :) Since my classes stopped a month ago I do feel that my German has dropped off a bit which is frightening…so you are right – use it or lose it….You’ve got the drive and the plan so you’ll do fine. And when we meet next year (!) hopefully, we can have a full-on conversation in only German. :)

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