You Found Me How?

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My dear bloggy friend Stereo pointed me in the direction of Geekin’Hard’s blog to a great idea he has. On the last day of every month, you post your weirdest search terms in the past 30 days. Since I love seeing what search terms bring people to my blog, I’m totally up for this.

Therefore, the weirdest search terms I’ve had this month are:

cimical hacking pic

I’m not sure what cimical hacking is, but this search term appeared twice this month in my stats.

edible flower box

Why would someone even want to eat their flower box?

complicated toilet


forensic image of jesus

Good luck with that one.

And for everyone coming to my blog on the search term ‘Hala Gorani lesbian‘ (and there are an awful lot of you) can I just say, that is highly unlikely. Keep dreaming everyone.

On the whole my weird search terms are not that weird.  Obviously I need to increase the weirdness factor of my blog posts next month.

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6 thoughts on “You Found Me How?

  1. I like the idea and I think “complicated” toilet” has to be the weirdest search term and now I feel compelled to google it and see what comes up.

    checking my site, the terms aren’t as interesting as yours:

    stress, elvis young man big beat cover, delphinium pictures, social contract, satanic abuse

  2. “Complicated toilet” is a brilliant search term. The search terms people find me through tend to be pretty boring, although I did once get found via a search for “bloody hot dog”…?!

  3. When I had my ‘idols’ website I always had people looking for *Idol NAKED* lol :D Disappointment afterwards for them, I guess.

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