Tuesday Lunchtime Laughter

If you have read my blog or Twitter feed for any length time you probably know that I think comedian Bill Bailey is one of the funniest people on this planet.  I’ve been to see him twice live in concert and both times the man has been responsible for my stomach muscles aching for days afterwards from laughing so damn much. Not only is the guy funny but he is an extremely gifted musician and is fluent in both German and French and knowing him probably a whole stack of other languages as well.

Therefore, I present for your lunchtime viewing pleasure on this grey chilly day (well at least it is in Hamburg), Bill Bailey covering Gary Numan’s hit Cars, in French and using ‘appropriate’ instrumentation. Alas, due to WordPress not letting me embed it, you must head over to the Guardian website to see it, but I assure you it is worth that extra click.

But for that who don’t want to click away, I have something fun for your lunchtime as well. Bill Bailey performing the Hokey Pokey in German in the style of Kraftwerk.

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