CSD Hamburg 2011

Yesterday I went to my very first Christopher Street Day (Pride) parade in Hamburg.  Since moving to Hamburg, I haven’t had an opportunity to connect with the GLBT community so I was looking forward to the Parade and StraßenFest.

The day started out extremely rainy and it looked like the parade would be a complete wash out.

The CSD StraßenFest during a heavy downpour right before the parade started

However, the sun soon came out and Eddie and I found ourselves a great place in front of St Petri Church to watch the parade.

Eddie waiting on Mönkenbergstraße

Compared to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, Hamburg’s CSD parade was extremely small but what it lacked in size, it made up for in spirit.  I loved that there were no barricades between those marching and those watching besides people holding ropes around the truck floats.

Security guys holding rope around the truck floats

Therefore, if you wanted to join the parade you could or the parade could join you on the footpath which happened quite often. When the parade stopped for some unknown reason for 20 minutes we had a spontaneous GLBT street party in front of the church which was just truly amazing.

When the parade stops, the party starts

It was amazing to see Hamburg getting into the CSD spirit, especially the massive rainbow flag hanging from the Rathaus.

Rainbow flag at the Rathaus

And also the rainbow flags outside the Alsterhaus.

Alsterhaus goes Queer

I had a fantastic time at CSD and meeting up with various friends throughout the day and long into the night.  I woke up this morning and discovered along with my hangover that I had gotten sunburnt, even though it rained on and off throughout the whole day. That’s right, I’m an Australian who gets sunburnt in Northern Germany.  I’m a disgrace to my country. Next year I’m definitely wearing sunscreen no matter what the weather is like.

Many more photos of the CSD Parade can be found here.

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