A Complicated Toilet

Flushing the toilet is usually a simple case of pressing the button or in the more modern toilets, it is automatic.  However, this toilet decided to make flushing the toilet an act of coordination.

For those of you who can’t read German the sign says, ‘To flush the toilet please press the pedal below and the wall.’

Because I already felt weird taking a photo in the toilet stall, I did not take a photo of the strange flushing mechanism. However, on the wall next to the toilet about shoulder height was a grey circle that looked like it had been painted on the titles and on the floor was a pedal.  To flush the toilet you had to press the grey circle and the pedal, at the same time.

I felt really sorry for people who could not read German as this sign was not translated into any other language and for those whose coordination and logic wasn’t up to the task. I only just barely managed to work out what to do.

Has anyone else encountered another really complicated flushing mechanism or is this toilet unique?

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3 thoughts on “A Complicated Toilet

  1. How funny! I love taking pictures of the strange toilets I find over here in Europe….Like you, I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor people who end up here and can’t read German! ;)

  2. Sorry to spoil the fun, but it says “To flush, please press the pedal below AT the wall” (not “and”). I guess pressing that circle on the wall did not help that much…

    • Yes, I know that is the direct translation, but the pedal was on the floor not on the wall. I think it was just a poorly written sign.

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