Seeking Online Running Buddies

I have been bitten by the running bug, as much as what I do can be called running.  I can’t really call it the flailing stumbling walking bug, that would just sound silly. But regardless of my ‘running’ style, I am loving getting my wobbly ass out there in the mornings and the fact I’ve stuck with it for 3 weeks has come as a complete surprise to me.  However I know myself well and I know my motivation will wane but for the sake of my long-term health I need it not to.  Therefore, I’m seeking online running buddies to help keep me motivated to get my wobbly ass out there 4 -5 times a week and keep striving for those personal bests. In return, I promise to nag you with emails, tweets or whatever form of motivation works best to keep you similarly motivated.  Any takers?

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