Run, Fat Chick, Run!

56/365 morning run

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I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve put some weight on since I moved to Germany.  I blame the Northern Hemisphere winter and being exposed to gorgeous German food 24/7 as well as a complete failure to do any proper exercise. Now that summer (or what passes for summer here) is now here, I’ve decided to get my butt moving and shed these unwanted kilos.

Yet again, I’m trying my hand at running.  I’ve tried multiple times to do the Couch to 5K which I manage each time to only do for a week before giving up completely.  This time I’ve gone with a different approach – get my butt outside and moving for 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter how far or fast I run or how much I walk instead of running. All that matters is getting my jiggly ass moving.  Strangely, this method appears to be working for me. My running pace is really slow and yet I’ve managed to more than double the distance I can run in just four runs. I’ve found that having no pressure to run for a certain time period or distance makes the whole experience rather enjoyable. I increase how far I run because I feel up to doing it not because I have to.

I’m yet to see the scales go down but I’ve only been at it for 2 weeks and at least the scale hasn’t gone up. Plus I’ve noticed I’m much more happier within myself when I go for a run in the mornings which is an added bonus I wasn’t expecting. They say it takes 4 weeks to make something a habit, so I’m halfway there.

Is anyone else trying their hand at running now that it’s summer?  How are you all doing?

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15 thoughts on “Run, Fat Chick, Run!

  1. I have a treadmill indoors so I have no excuses…but it’s still not as much fun as being outside. I tend to walk fast and then jog for short periods, which are gradually getting longer…

  2. I’m proud of ya! You go girl!
    Anything that makes you feel better is great, I say.

    As for your Tweet about ordering at Subway… so you’re beyond the pointing and grunting stage… good on ya girl!

  3. You may consider riding a bike. I started riding to work, about 45mins over 15kms. Good workout. I actually feel very good after the bike ride and a bit more energetic. The downside is the outlay to buy a bike if you don’t already have one.

    Keep going……persistent is the key

    • I’ve been thinking about taking up riding a bike but I don’t currently own a bike and I’m also very uncoordinated. Not sure that me plus a bike is a very good combination.

  4. I’ve been trying the couch to 5km thing too. I’ve weasled out the past few weeks though. I need to get back in the saddle. I like to go near dark time so no one sees my flub-a-dancing when I do a bit of running.

    • Hopefully by winter my German will have improved enough to feel confident enough to go back to doing martial arts, but at the moment, it is not at that stage.

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