Australia is opening its borders for immigrants, except they aren’t really

When I left Australia 9 months ago there was a fierce election going on between the Labor (liberal) and Liberal (conservative) parties.  Both parties were promising new anti-immigration policies, which was rather amusing given that the Labor candidate was born in Wales and the Liberal candidate was born in England.  But hypocrisy withstanding, both candidates were making the same ‘we decide who comes here and how’ policy promises.

Therefore, I was incredibly amused when I spotted this ad

Despite being amused at the irony, I’m kinda annoyed about this ad.  It makes out that Australia is wanting people to immigrate there, when in fact almost the complete opposite is true.  If your job is not on a 5 page list of needed skills called the Skilled Occupation List, then you don’t get a visa.  It doesn’t matter if have a job offer or not. If you don’t work in one of these special industries then you don’t get to come and work in Australia, end of story. I have met quite a few Germans who wanted so much to live and work in Australia and even found jobs, but because their job wasn’t on the list, their visas were denied.  Not exactly opening the borders for immigrants as the ad implies, is it?

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