My First Solo Taxi Ride

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I’ve been kinda terrified to get a taxi by myself whilst living here in Germany.  I really don’t know why.  It probably comes from my very first days here when my German was non existent and everything was scary and in my mind I made getting a taxi by myself a terrifying experience.

Last night my company’s CEO was in town and we found ourselves at 1am drinking multiple rum cocktails at 20 Up and pondering how to get our drunken selves home as the U-Bahn had effectively stopped running for the night. Our CEO offered to pay for our cab rides home and before I knew it I was in a taxi giving the driver my address and on my way home.

It really wasn’t a scary experience at all.  My German is at the point where I can tell a taxi driver where I need to go and honestly, most of them speak enough English that I really don’t need German anyway.  Also, I was drunk and when I’m drunk I think I can speak German which I’m sure the taxi driver enjoyed immensely….. poor guy.

I really need to stop making things scary in my mind and thus talking myself out of doing them.  Next hurdle: to get my flabby butt back to doing Kung Fu and stop freaking out about the classes being in German.

Fun observation: The number for the taxi company is 666 666.  It’s the cab company of Satan.

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  1. It’s not as funny as 6×6, but their main competitor is 211211. That’s “help” backwards, 2 times.

    Was the taxi driver even German? :-)

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