A1 Prüfung Results

Even though I just did the final section of my test last night, I got back the results today. That’s German efficiency for you.

For grammar I got 1 (A), for reading I got 1 (A), for listening I got 1 (A) and for writing I got 1 (A).  I aced my test!

We also got marked on in class speaking and pronunciation for which I got 2 (B) in both.  Given how bad my skills in this area are I think my teacher was just being nice.

Therefore, I got an overall score of 1 (A) for A1.

Maybe I can do this whole learning German thing.

In a moment of weirdness when collecting my results I gave my name and the guy behind the desk looked at me and asked, ‘Scotland or Northern Ireland?’  Cue me looking completed shocked for about a minute before recovering my powers of speech to answer, ‘Well I’m from Australia, but to answer your question Scotland’.  Turns out the guy behind the desk was from Ireland.

For those of you who don’t know my full name, it is very, very Scottish.


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