A1 Prüfung Zeit

I have my A1 Prüfung (exam) tomorrow and again on Thursday.  The test is divided into 4 parts – Grammar and Reading which are on Tuesday and Listening and Writing which are on Thursday.  I feel quietly confident about grammar and reading, but absolutely terrified about the listening and writing. They are my two weakest skills.  With writing, I can never seem to get the form of the word correct – dative, accusative or nominative and then there is my spelling which is appalling in English and even worse in German.  We are not allowed to bring in a dictionary or any other aid into the exam so I can only rely on what is in my brain, which at this point doesn’t seem to be that much.

Therefore, I’m spending today doing as many online tests as I can find.  If you are in the same boat as me, I can recommend the following sites for practice A1 tests – Goethe Institute, Deutsche Welle and PROLOG.

A huge Viel Erfolg! (Good Luck) to Texasborncologne who has her A2 test on Tuesday which is infinity more difficult than my measly A1.  I’m sure she is going to do brilliantly.

Right, back to the books.


8 thoughts on “A1 Prüfung Zeit

  1. Good luck to you, too, and thanks for wishing me good luck, as well….I had dreams last night about the exam and am sure I’ll do the same tonight. Trying not to stress too much, I figure if we’ve been studying hard up until now, an all day cram session won’t really help any more. Trying to take it in stride (easier said than done!)

    Can’t wait to hear how your exam goes…best of luck.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. The first part of my exam – grammar & reading went quite well. However, the terrifying listening & writing part is still to come on Thursday.

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