Spring In The North

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After experiencing my first Northern Hemisphere Winter, I’m now experiencing my first Northern Hemisphere Spring.  So far the only similarities to Spring in the Southern Hemisphere is the changeable weather – summer one day, winter the next.  Other than that it is very different.

I’m being totally blown away by how light it is.  It is only mid-April and already the sun rises at 6:30am and sets at 8:15pm.  We still have another 2 months before we reach the Summer Equinox and the days start getting shorter again. I can only wonder how many hours of daylight we will have by that time.  Therefore, it is probably a good idea I just ordered some black out curtains cause at the moment with no curtains on my window, my sleep cycle has gone completely haywire. I should not be up and restless at 4am every single morning, then again that might be totally unrelated to the increasing light. I will have to see if the black out curtains help.

Also, I have developed an obsession with flowers.  I kid you not.  I am obsessed with flowers. Therefore it is probably a very good thing that flowers are so cheap here.  I brought a beautiful bunch of multicolour tulips for only €3 and will probably buy another bunch this weekend when these ones die. I just want to surround myself with colourful flowers and therefore I feel I have shown considerable restraint by only planting my balcony flower box and buying a single vase to place flowers in.

I don’t recall Spring every having such a huge impact on me as this Spring has. The change in the season has brought a massive change in my energy levels and my motivation to do things rather than curling up and wanting to hibernate.  This probably explains my restlessness and the strange motivation I’ve had to go running.

For those of you who have relocated from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere, did you experience the same things as I have during your first Spring?

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4 thoughts on “Spring In The North

  1. *puts on nerd hat* That’s Latitude! 40° South runs between Australia and Tasmania; 40° North runs through Spain, Southern Italy, and Greece. So most of Europe is further away from the equator than Australia.

    These things in my experience make for some really horrifying conversations with Scandinavians who get 4 hours of daylight in winter, if you don’t like that sort of thing. ;)

    • I couldn’t handle living through a Scandinavian winter. Not only those freezing cold temperatures but no sunshine!
      You are right, I’m much further away from the Equator then what I’m used to. No wonder my poor body has no idea what’s going on.

  2. I haven’t even changed hemispheres and the shift in spring from back home (SF) is huge! This is our second spring here and I’m still blown away by the flowers and almost daily changes in the landscape. Now if we could just do something about the grey and rain that still creeps in this time of year…

  3. I’ve never been to the sourthern Hemisphere, but going from California to Germany sure made a huge difference. The transition from winter to spring in Germany was completely different than it had been in California. In Germany, there was suddenly warmth and sun after six months of cold and grey (and that was in southern Germany, I hear it’s even gloomier up in Hamburg). My mood was lifted to see spring and I had never appreciated it so much as I did then. California just doesn’t give me that feeling. I guess it’s just too sunny in winter.

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