Tim Minchin’s Storm

Those of you who know me know that I’m a skeptic.  This doesn’t mean that I deny everything, but that I ask for scientific evidence that it works or exists before I’m going to believe in it. Therefore the obsession Germans have with homeopathy, a branch of medicine that has been unable over the past 200 years to show that it actually works, really gets me hot under the collar. Therefore, I love this fantastic animated version of Tim Minchin’s beat poem ‘Storm’ about a skeptic encountering an alternative health nut at a dinner party.

I’ve been there, I feel his pain but I have never been able to shoot down arguments as eloquently as this.

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3 thoughts on “Tim Minchin’s Storm

  1. Wow. I’ve lived in Germany for over 13 years and am married to a German and don’t know one who is obsessed with homeopathy. I don’t even know one who practices it. I must be missing something.

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