Die Alster in März

In Germany it is traditional to go on a Sunday afternoon walk, so yesterday since it was such a gorgeous day, I grabbed my camera and joined the rest of Hamburg for a Sunday afternoon stroll along the Alster.

One of the many bridges spanning the Alster

Walking along the Alster

At 9C, it's the perfect temperature for ice cream

Along the Alster

Spring is definitely on its way

Tourist boat traveling down the Alster

Bridge over the Alster

The rest of the set can be found here.

It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday, but after walking around the Alster for 2 hours my legs were sore.  I think perhaps that’s a sign that I need to go on more Sunday walks.

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6 thoughts on “Die Alster in März

    • Thanks :) I actually did indulge in an ice cream as it was such lovely day out and it seemed the thing to do. It actually turned out not to be too cold for ice cream after all.

  1. Those are beautiful photos !! You should check out Blankenese and the Suellberg. On the top of the Suellberg is a wonderful outdoor terrace cafe with a great view. The walk out there along the Elbe is also really beautiful.

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