A Further Fencing Fail

Strepsils (photograph)

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I know I promised to summon up the courage and get my ass to fencing tonight, however, I am not going.  I have only just managed to gather up enough energy to haul myself from my bed to the couch today since I’m in the grips of the dreaded lurgy. The sore throat that plagued me all weekend has decided to erupt into the full blown flu.

Tonight will instead be spent inflicting bad German TV on myself and doing some hardcore resting with the hopes that next week I will be well enough to brave my first fencing class.


4 thoughts on “A Further Fencing Fail

  1. So sorry to hear you got ill….I completely empathasize as I missed most of Karneval due to being sick this past weekend as well. Hope you get well (and to fencing!) soon!

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