A Craptastic But Surreal Monday

Today was not a good day. I’ve been arguing for two days straight with an imbecile in the UK about a single question mark in a URL, which today branched out to include a slash  and by the time I left the office I’d lost the tiny shred of sanity I had left.

After having a crappy day dealing with a difficult client like many crappy days I had when I lived in Sydney, instead of walking out into the streets of Sydney, I walked across a coble stone square in Hamburg.  When I spoke to people I did so in a foreign language I barely knew a couple of words of 4 months ago – and it was all very surreal and I wondered how I ended up here. It is strange the times that the fact I’m living in a foreign country decides to hit me with full force.  Does anyone else have these, “how did I end up here?” and “Holy crap, I’m living in a foreign country!” moments?


5 thoughts on “A Craptastic But Surreal Monday

  1. All the time. Especially when the smell of horse shit hits me when I walk to my car. I’m a city girl. How i ended up living in the country next to a HORSE stable is beyond me.

  2. Sorry you had such a crappy day. And a Monday on top. Hope you’re feeling much better today and that the rest of your week is fab. I, too, have those moments all of the time. It’s more fun when it hits me during an especially good time, but I’ve had the down moments as well. We’re incredibly lucky, I think, even when it’s difficult. But I know you know that already. ;)

    • Today was a much better day than Monday and hopefully the rest of the week will follow suit. Still, like you, even on a crappy day I’m glad to be living in Germany.

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