Design Of My New Tattoo

I have wanted to get another tattoo for many years now, but I just couldn’t settle on a design that felt right.  This will be my third tattoo and the number three is fairly important to me having been born on the third of the third. Therefore, the idea came to me to get my third tattoo on my birthday when I will be turning 36 – 3+6=9=3×3.  With so many threes involved, the design for my third tattoo suddenly became clear – it had to involve the number 3. So I started looking at all the ways that various cultures write the number 3 and the Chinese/Japanese script really felt right.  It is a simple basic design which will suit where I want to get (on the top of my right arm). Also, as I just discovered today, the number 3 in Chinese culture stands for new beginnings, so this tattoo is just perfect to represent this stage of my life.

Now to choose which design looks the best – brush stokes or straight lines.

Brush strokes

Straight lines

Would do you guys think?




10 thoughts on “Design Of My New Tattoo

  1. I would say straight lines only because I wonder if the brushstrokes on the arm might look like they artist tatooed them off-kilter – even if that’s how they’re supposed to be. Technically I like the brush strokes best but the whole movement of the arm may make the straight lines more aesthetically pleasing on the arm. Either way, great idea for a nice, clean, and meaningful tattoo. How will you find a good artist in your new city?

    • I’m more leaning towards the straight lines too as I think it will look cleaner.
      Not sure how I’m going to find a good tattooist and one who speaks English. That is the next challenge. :)

    • Thanks. :) The design just really spoke to me and the more I find out, the more it begins to mean something greater than just celebrating my affinity with the number 3.

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