Map of Tasmania

There are very few Australian euphemisms that I actually like, but Map of Tasmania is one of them.  It is just so fitting.

So, what is a map of Tasmania? I could explain it to you, but I would rather show you this awesome music video by punk cabaret goddess Amanda Palmer

Warning: This video is not safe for work or for viewing with small children in the room.  Watch it at home after the kids are in the bed. It also contains strong language, if you think fuck is strong language and the most merkins I have ever seen in one place.

I’m so jealous of all my Australian based friends who get to see Amanda Palmer on her Down Under tour.  I am extremely insanely jealous of my Sydney based friends who not only get to see her at the Opera House, but with Neil Gaiman as well.  Neil Gaiman is one of those rare people who I would pay to hear read the phone book.  He is such a fantastic narrator and storyteller.  I went to a book reading of his and I felt like I was a five year sitting on the carpet completely mesmerised and wanting to beg for just one chapter more. Of course, one can’t really beg their favourite writer to read them just one more chapter without coming off as rather peculiar.  So Sydney based friends, I demand a full account of the Opera House gig.

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6 thoughts on “Map of Tasmania

    • My favourite of Neil Gaiman’s works is probably Neverwhere. Stardust is also really good. The only one I found hard going was American Gods even though I did enjoy, it just wasn’t easy reading.

  1. Hello, I’ve just arrived here via Resident on Earth’s blog… and this video has made my DAY. Never heard of this lady nor seen so many ruddy amazing merkins in me life. THANK YOU. Brilliant.

    • Glad you enjoyed it so much. :) If you are interested in her other stuff just type Amanda Palmer or Dresden Dolls into You Tube. Many fantastic tunes there.

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