It’s been a while since I have run around with my camera taking photos of Hamburg, but I took a walk through my neighbourhood on Boxing Day and took some photos of it all covered in snow on the one sunny day we have had in almost a month.

Here are my favourites.

My neighbourhood
I really feel for the owner of this car if they want to go anywhere before it melts
The gorgeous Stadtpark
The guy in this photo is standing on the bank of what used to be the lake before it froze.
This is the lake
Obligatory photo of the Planetarium
The snow plough has been!
These apartment buildings are just so beautiful

More photos of my wanderings through my neighbourhood can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “Schnee

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos – very beautiful. I never pictured Germany like that, though I don’t know why anywhere couldn’t be beautiful. Lots of negatives in that sentence, LOL.

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