Presents From Home

Today I received the Christmas/Care package that my parents sent full of yummy things from home.

Mint Slice biscuits, Caramello Koalas, Darrell Choc Orange Balls and Peppermint Chocolate, Milo and 1st Season Glee!! I was so excited and thrilled to receive it.  There may or may not have been bouncing around the room when I opened it up.  However, I don’t think my mother meant to send me the marker she used to write my address on the box. :)

Also, today my Christmas present to myself arrived.

Bert the Farting Hippo

It really was my Christmas today.


3 thoughts on “Presents From Home

  1. Love that your mom packed the marker. My mom accidentally wrapped a pair of her reading glasses in one of my Christmas presents. Lets just say there was much rejoicing on Christmas morning!

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