Moving House on Heiligabend

The keys for my new apartment were dropped off yesterday, but I didn”t get a chance to look at it until this evening.  It’s pretty much the same as my old place – a murphy bed that comes out of the cupboard and a kitchen that contains two hotplates but no oven. However, I do have a balcony but considering I’m on the ground floor and it’s currently -3C and snowing, it isn’t much of a drawcard. Also the kitchen is slightly larger and has bench space – very exciting.

I was considering moving all my stuff over tomorrow morning, but then I thought stuff it, let’s do it now.  So in under 3 hours I packed up all my stuff, moved it to my new apartment and unpacked it all.  Good thing I still own hardly anything.  Also it helped that my new apartment is in the apartment complex next to my old apartment so I really didn’t have far to go.

It was fantastic to have a shower and not worry if Frau K was trying to have one at the same time and an added bonus is that my shower drain actually works, unlike the one in my old place.

Moving all my stuff over this evening means I can sleep in in the morning and have a lazy start to the day.  I still have a couple of things to collect from my old place like my washing that hasn’t dried properly and will have a do a little clean up, but the hard work has already been done.

I can now also add to my list of things I never expected to be doing this year moving house on Heiligabend (Holy Night/Christmas Eve) and moving house whilst it’s snowing.


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