Today I went to a local bank here in Hamburg to open a bank account.  I was blown away by the level of service I got plus all the added extras that come with my bank account for no additional cost (insurance for my mobile phone, rebates on plane fares if I book through them etc).  But that is not the purpose of this post, instead my wonderful bank manager came out with some fabulous misconceptions that I simply have to record for prosperity.

The first one was about my job working in IT doing technical support

Him: So you work in IT?

Me: Yes.

Him: But you are a girl?

Me: *trying not to laugh* Yes.

Obviously I’m the first IT geek girl he has ever encountered.

Then as he was walking me out of the bank (told you the level of service was awesome)

Him: This our Christmas tree

Me: *wondering why he felt the need to point this out* It looks beautiful.

Him: You wouldn’t have Christmas trees in Australia.

Me: Actually, we do.

Him: How can you? It’s summer there.

Me: We celebrate Christmas just the same as you do here in Europe.

Him: *totally confused* But it’s summer there.

Welcome to the Christmas in the southern hemisphere paradox.

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