The Problems With Plumbing

My next door neighbour Frau K has been complaining for weeks that if she is having a shower and I start to have mine she loses all her water.  Therefore, we have a system where if I hear her shower running, I don’t have my shower until she has finished.  She informed the Haus Meister (apartment super) about the problem weeks ago and today the plumber finally came.

The plumber was scheduled to arrive at 8am and I thought that here in Germany plumbers would be the same as they are in Australia, say they will be there at 8am and they turn up at around 8:30am.  I’m not sure if this plumber was ultra efficient or if this is what all German plumbers are like, but he showed up at 7:50am and was done by 8am.  In a mixture of German and English, he asked me to turn on my shower and then went next door to see what was going on with Frau K’s shower.  I heard a very loud argument, he came back, asked me to turn it off and thanked me for my time.  The argument then continued with Frau K and he then left.

Five minutes later Frau K was at my door complaining that the plumber said there was no problem but this was all a lie cause she and I know there is a problem. Actually I only have her word that there is an issue.  I’ve never experienced water loss from her having a shower at the same time as me (then again, maybe she just never has).  Her rant then continued about the young man next door who bangs on her walls so that she can’t sleep and that her peephole is broken.  Well, I think that is what her rant was about as she only speaks German.  She does know one English phrase “young man” she translated that one for me Jungermann, young man.  Unfortunately that was one word I already knew.

I’m starting to think that Frau K might not be all there and am starting to see why everyone complains about how difficult she is.  Still her ranting made a rather amusing start to my morning.  I’m just wondering how much funnier her rant would have been if I understood more than every fifth word.

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4 thoughts on “The Problems With Plumbing

  1. I know what you mean about showing up on time or early in Germany versus, oh, the United States. Most of my plumber experiences here, they show up early, work quickly, and are gone before the scheduled arrival time. It’s impressive.

    As for not understanding more than 20% of your neighbor’s complaints — that’s probably a good thing.

  2. Uh-oh. Sounds like you have a delusional neighbor on your hands. Well, as long as she doesn’t get any weirder than claiming to have shower problems when showering at the same time, and it doesn’t affect your schedule, then what the hey. I’m impressed that you haven’t declared a mini shower war on her though….I’d probably start turning on my shower when I heard hers just to prove some sort of (non)point.

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