My ‘Interesting’ Life

There is an old Chinese curse that says, ‘May you live in interesting times’ and by interesting they are not referring to fun and exciting but instead chaotic and unstable.

At the moment, my life is resembling this Chinese curse.  Things are getting way too ‘interesting’ and not in the good way.

I still have the ongoing saga of my visa and whilst the health insurance agency I’ve been dealing with have been fantastically helpful, I still don’t have my confirmation letter and therefore the wait still continues as the time on my 3 month holiday visa quickly runs out.

Then yesterday we discovered that the lease on my apartment runs out on Xmas Day (25th December) and the place we are renting it from can’t extend the lease as they have a new tenant moving in on January 1st.  Cue some freaking out.  Fortunately, they rang back and said that they have an apartment across the street from where I’m currently living that I can move into.  However, we still have to organise when I will be shifting my merge possessions across the street. All of which will become a moot point if my visa doesn’t come through.

Chaotic and unstable seem to be the themes of my life at the moment.  I just want things to settle down and become uninteresting as in peaceful and stable.  However, once I get my visa I then have to navigate the world of the German banking system and try to get a bank account set-up (I’ve been told you can get turned down), organise my mobile phone contract and then the biggest challenge of them all – finding a place to live in the insane rental market of Hamburg.  I don’t see things getting uninteresting for quite some time.

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6 thoughts on “My ‘Interesting’ Life

  1. Exhausting too, hey…I find even thinking about dealing with South African bureaucracy to be enervating… x G

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about the bank account part. When I first arrived on a research fellowship, I set up an account with Deutsche Bank. The branch in Eppendorf opened up the account for me even though I hadn’t registered with the city yet and had no visa — all I had was verification from my funding source of the amount of my stipend and how long it would last.

    In terms of setting up a cell phone account, I’ve had great experiences with both and — both of which are pay-as-you-go and very reasonable.

    I’ve also heard that it’s possible to extend your tourist visa while things with health insurance etc. gets worked out — especially if you already have an employer and can verify everything.

    In any case, I can guarantee that things will get less interesting for you soon, in a good way. ;)

  3. Good luck! Here’s to it all calming down quickly. Imagine how accomplished you’ll feel once you’ve successfully navigated all the German beaurocratic waters…

    Looking at Mandi’s comment above, I had a similar easy bank account creation experience with Dresdner Bank (they’ve now become one with Commerz Bank and I don’t know if that’s changed anything). I did have a problem with Sparkasse, as they wanted to see my Anmeldeformular (address registration form) which I didn’t have yet because I needed the account to get the other paper work finished for all the visa and registration shit.

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