I Can Stay!

I received official word from the Employment Board that my visa has been approved.  Apparently, they approved it on the 11th November, but seems they just failed to notify anyone about it.  I’m sure I’ve gotten several grey hairs since the 11th November worrying about my visa being denied.

I have an appointment next Monday afternoon to get the visa put in my passport and get all the associated paperwork done.  I’m hoping that it is all just a matter of formality and that nothing will go wrong, but I’m going to hold off celebrating until that visa is in my passport.  Then there will be much celebrating and drinking of glühwein!

Now that my visa is hopefully all sorted out, I now have to organise getting a German bank account, a mobile phone contract and the big one – renting an apartment and all that entails – buying furniture, organising internet connection etc.  I was hoping to have my own place by Christmas, but given the rental market here, I’m now aiming for the end of January.

Exciting times.

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11 thoughts on “I Can Stay!

    • Thanks :) I’m feeling very relieved at the moment, but got a slight worry that they won’t give it to me. Then again, I’m a perpetual worrier.

    • I wish that they got their act together to let me know sooner. It would have saved quite a bit of worry, but you are right, at least I know now and the news is positive.

  1. Congratulations!! I’m sure this is such a relief for you. Good luck on making it more “permanent”. We had a flat before moving here (my husband kept it when he went to the States) but I’ve heard stories of how difficult it can be to find a nice place here in Cologne. I assume it’s similar in Hamburg. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you find something perfect soon. :)

    • Thanks. :) I’ve already began my search & whilst there are nice places out there I imagine that many other people are also looking at the same ones I am. Hopefully I will get lucky.

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