Still Waiting…

The employment board was supposed to have finished processing the documentation for my visa this week.  I honestly thought I would have an answer by today.  But governments move at their own speed and so I’m still waiting to hear whether my visa has been approved or not.

My boss gave them a call, but no one answered the phone and no one returned his call.  Typical.  We shall call again on Monday and see if we can get a response out of them.

There are so many things I want to buy like proper winter clothes that will have to wait cause there is no way I could fit more clothes into my suitcase if I have to return to Australia.  I also want to buy some books (I’ve finished the one book I brought over with me) and I want to start looking for a place to live, but all that is on hold until I get a decision on my visa.

Instead this weekend, I will just wait and build up my stress levels even more.

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